16 Projects to Jump-start Your Makerspace

Inspire students of all ages to enjoy STEM when you let them loose in a creative makerspace! These hands-on engineering activities challenge students to brainstorm and problem solve and encourage creativity and innovation.

Enabling Exploration

Community makerspaces are collaborative spaces where people of all ages can get hands-on with science and engineering. With an array of materials available, a visit to a local makerspace is an invitation to play with science and engineering and really see how things work.

You may have a makerspace in your school or at the library, or maybe you have an area of your classroom dedicated to maker activities students can explore or certain days of the week on which you turn the room into a makerspace. With a few materials and a surface to work on, garage or basement spaces can easily be recast as home makerspaces, too!

You don’t have to have expensive materials to start up your own makerspace. With an assortment of craft supplies, electronics parts, and recycled materials, you can set up a makerspace full of inspiring STEM that kids can explore. Figuring out what will work with the materials available is part of the challenge and part of the fun!

Bookmark or pin these projects to add to your makerspace!

Free Projects and Activities for Your Makerspace

Try one of these STEM projects for creative hands-on science and engineering with a DIY “maker” flair:

  1. Make Cardboard Automata
  2. Build a Wind-Powered Car
  3. Build A Wall Marble Run
  4. Build a Paper Roller Coaster
  5. Build a Robot Hand
  6. Build a Mini Trebuchet
  7. Build a Rubber Band-Powered Car
  8. Make Your Own Harmonica!
  9. Build a Popsicle Stick Catapult
  10. Duplicate Your Drawings with a Machine
  11. Make a Paper Circuit
  12. Make a Cotton Ball Launcher
  13. Build a Balloon Car
  14. Junkbots: Robots from Recycled Materials
  15. Build a Paper Speaker
  16. Make a Night-Light

Makerspace Learning in Action

These videos demonstrate some of the highlighted activities:

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The collection:
Collection of hands-on STEM activities for kids to do in a makerspace

A trebuchet from craft materials representing a set of makerspace activities

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